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KYSO Socks

May 22, 2017

#KYSO Style Tip 💡 Most of us will probably have a wedding, prom or special event this Spring/Summer to dress up for. You got the suit, but don’t forget to accessorize! #Socks, #ties, #watches and #lapels all add to the outfit and create a stylish look unique to YOU. Although some men will be brave enough to wear no socks this spring/summer with their dress shoes, there’s still many men that prefer to wear socks. Don’t be shy to play around with your socks! Bold, colourful socks are in-style and can be matched to your tie and/or lapel. #Accessories including socks are usually one of the first pieces people will notice and can also be a great conversation starter for others while at your social event. #KYSO socks are not only colourful and well designed, but our socks are made from a blend of rayon from bamboo and cotton. That means your feet will stay fresher, longer and will feel soft and light on your feet for those warmer summer days. Shop our collection on

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